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The Parish Council

Present Membership of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

Name                                                   Office / Representing
Rev. Andrew McKenzie                        President
Giovanna McMahon                             Chairperson
Mary T McGrellis                                 Vice-chair
Christine Gray                                      Secretary
Douglas Morrison                                Adult Formation
Helen Currie                                         Caring Groups
Terry McGurn                                       Caring Groups
Ellen Stewart                                         Caring Groups
John Downing                                       Eucharistic Ministers
John Friel                                               Finance
Christopher Cummiskey                     Youth

If you would like to raise something with the parish council please feel free to leave a comment below. Comments will be posted unless you state clearly that you do not wish your comment to be made public.

The next meeting of the PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL is on Monday 20th October at 7pm.